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Callie is a lab mix. We always argue over who rescued who! I needed her as much as she needed me. I adopted her when she was 1 and I was only19! We have spent 7 amazing years together! I am now 26 and she is 8! We are the perfect match! Callie has always acted like a lady, even before she found me! Her back story is that she was supposed to be a “duck dog” but never wanted to pick up anything dead. Her previous owners lit her on fire and threw her in the trash claiming she was untrainable. Luckily the neighbors saw this and saved her! When I saw her at CAA, I knew she was just as girly as I was. She sat their completely still the only thing moving was her tail. When they opened the gate, she instantly grabbed the pink toy in her kennel that someone thankfully donated and showed it off to me. From that day forward, I knew we would never leave each other’s side! Over the years she would see me getting dressed for work and she wanted to get dressed too. She would always nudge me when I went to put on a my make up. One day I came home with a clean new make up brush just for her. I pretend to do her make up. Needless to say I wake up an extra 6 minutes in the morning because now its a part of our daily routine. She is perfect to me. I know every dog mom says they have the best dog, but I truly believe I do. Callie is well behaved, polite, loving, beautiful, loyal, and smart. She has taught me that love and loyalty comes through actions and not words. I am FOREVER grateful to the people who saved her that day! We are happiest when we are with each other! Even though I cannot change her past, I will continue to put all my effort into giving her the future she deserves.


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Stephanie Sanchez
Stephanie Sanchez
what a pretty pup!
25 days ago

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