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$7,971,500 Given Away

Use our search engine & win $250
for your adopted dog or shelter animal

Any adopted com-paw-dre is eligible! Woof.

September will be the final DogDog raffle. We’re committing to making a bigger difference in the lives of shelter dogs, and we hope that you join us! More Info

$250 donated every month

7.9 million dogs enter shelters every year. Every donation helps to cover the cost of medical care, housing costs, cleaning supplies and toys.

Shelter animals get the help they need

$250 could mean full vaccinations for 25 dogs, shelter cleaning supplies for over a year, or even a life-saving operation for a shelter animal.

70,000 Vet Check-ups

Funds donated by DogDog help shelters provide dogs with the necessities required to live happy lives. Many animals have been able to survive thanks to people using DogDog as their search engine!